Diploma In Information And Communication Technology


  • 1 Year Study 2 Years OJT
  • 1 Year Study (Professional Computer Hardware & Network Technician)
  • 2 Years OJT (Job)


Semester 1

  • Introduction to Computer Architecture and Operating System
  • Basic Electronics
  • Digital Logic Circuit
  • Microprocessor
  • PC Hardware
  • Networking Fundamentals with Windows
  • Client-Server
  • Applied Math
  • English & Nepali Communication, Life & Soft Skills

Semester II

  • Routing and Switching (Cisco)
  • Linux
  • Gender Equality and Social Assimilation
  • Firewall
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Project work at ICT Research Lab
  • OJT

Project and field work:

There are two options to attend the CTEVT -NSTB Level examination.

  • After passing examination of two semesters , student can appear CTEVT -NSTB level 2 examination. After passing the level 2 examination & one year OJT (Job) student can appear level 3 examination.
  • After passing examination of two semesters, (SYSTEM BULL) students are eligible for OJT (Job). Similarly after completion of two years OJT (Job), students can appear in CTEVT -NSTB final examination (L3).

Study Materials:

softcopy hands out as well as e-library access will be provided